What is UnitConvert?

UnitConvert is a simple, innovative API that makes it easy to convert any plain text measurement to another compatible measurement, get information about the measurement, or compare with another compatible measurement. The idea was to take the hassle out of converting from one thing to another. With all the language intelligence available to us today, this kind of thing should just work.

How it Works

UnitConvert uses a unique measurement understanding algorithm to translate your measurement - exactly as you would write or say it, into something our system can understand. From there, we utilize a lightning fast data driven conversion algorithm to accomplish the task you need with the measurement(s) you supply. The UnitConvert API is designed to be simple and easy to use, so you can integrate it with your solution in minutes.

Always Improving

UnitConvert is constantly getting better. Every time a unit or conversion isn't found that should work, or our natural language algorithm can't figure out what you're sending, we track it and analyze the incoming data to make our conversion algorithm more intelligent, and ensure that every conversion or check that should work, does work.

Some Use Cases

Some of the great things you can do with the UnitConvert API:

  • Translate your app's speech recognition data/spoken units into a standardized format
  • Detect if an input measurement is valid
  • Help in storing measurement data in a standardized format
  • Build processes around comparing any measurement against a rule value
  • Show the different ways a measurement could be converted in an interface
  • And much more!

Get Started Today

See UnitConvert in action, or try out our interactive API documentation explorer. Sign up today for free to get your API key!